Monday, 23 January 2017

Why the organic pillow cases over other types?

Ask any mature person and they will tell you that organic bedding is everyone else’ choice of bedding. Both the mature people and children need to get the best pillowcases in order to feel satisfied. Some people go for cheap bedding materials which give them nothing good but disappointments. There is no doubt that you want to be one of those people who sleep sound like babies after they have worked hard in the course of the day. There are multiple reasons why people choose the organic cotton pillow cases over other types. Wondering about this? Consider the following.

  • They are better quality products
It is usually needless to purchase a pillow case that lasts only for a few days before it becomes worn out. Most people want to sleep comfortably and one way to do that is to make sure that the head is placed in good position. Therefore, this means that you need to go for a good pillow and a top notch pillow case that will give you a smile. Durability is something that should always be in your mind whenever you think of purchasing the best pillow case.

  • They are health-friendly
There are many people who have certain health problems such as asthma and allergies. Such people are very vulnerable to the environment and therefore, they should always make sure there is nothing to trigger their conditions. For instance, cheap pillow cases may produce substances that may trigger an asthmatic attack. You do not have to go for cheap products. You need the organic cotton type to make sure you get the best sleeping experience in your life. These do not usually interfere with your health and therefore, they are recommended to people having these conditions.

  • The best color and design
In order to have the best sleeping position, you must have a pillow case that best impresses you. One of the reasons why people fail to get sleep is simply because they buy pillow cases that are not impressive at all. Color patterns are what brings the beauty in the Organic cotton pillow cases. Nobody wants to sleep on a pillow case that features the worst color. There is a wide range of color for all these products and therefore, as a client, you need to take your time to make sure you select the most appropriate color pattern for your pillow case. You will always get your color of choice. This can easily be done online as going straight to the company may not be convenient. The designs in which these have been fabricated are just epic. You do not have to wait until other people go for it. This is your time.

Friday, 11 November 2016

3 Proven Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Bedding

When we talk about bedding of organic cotton products, we refer to the following common items found in our households:

• Bed sheets
• Pillow cases
• Comforters
• Mattresses
• Blankets
• Duvet covers
• Towels

If you are keen, you will notice that a large number of sellers have stocked more and more organic beddings, not because of the so-called ‘organic bandwagon trend’, but because of the realized benefits that come from these materials.
Did you know that we spend at least thirty hours of sleep a week? Well, thinking about it, you should avoid artificial intoxicated materials for your bedding just the way you disregard inorganic foods. This is a head-up article that outlines the benefits of organic bedding.

Sleep is made better
People who sleep on organic beddings wouldn’t trade anything for those materials. Do you know why? It’s because they feel more at rest in addition to the smoothness and comfort of these organic items. Trust me, after a night sleep in newly bought organic beddings, you can never complain about the cost of these materials. It is exiting because you will tend to sleep more than usual! Better sleep enhances our health; in fact, quality sleep is a satisfactory stress buster. Health experts recommend high-quality sleep for hormonal balances and boosting of immunity.

They are good for allergic people. Allergies can be very discomforting especially when triggered by some essential items in your house. It would be such a night mare to have rushes every time you wake up all because of low standard bedding. Choosing natural linens ensures healthy sleep. It doesn’t mean however that you start discarding every inorganic material in your bedroom; you can start replacing the old inorganic linens little by little and eventually, you will achieve the organic comfort in your bedroom. However, it’s important to know that these materials are costly due to their value, durability, and demand, so, prepare to toil. Whatever the case, it is the same as investing in good health and comfort.

Organic beddings do not have toxins

Synthetic fabrics are made of artificial materials that contain a wide spectrum of toxic chemicals, and for this matter, they are not a good option for bedding. We come into close contact with beddings and the skin can easily absorb the toxicity found in a material. Organic linens are a convenient bedding solution.  Some sheets, in order to make them stain resistant, are sprayed with chemicals which can vaporize and get inhaled by someone while asleep. So, in as much as artificial linens are attractive, it is important to comprehend the side harms so as to make an informed choice with regards to bedding.

Friday, 28 October 2016

FAQs on Organic cotton sheets

One quality that marks all organic cotton sheets is that they are made from the non-organic cotton which is usually made form plants that are genetically modified without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In the recent past, there has an increase in the popularity of the products that are organically made. The conventional mattresses are usually filled with the synthetic materials. For instance, most of the mattresses come with polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam usually releases chemicals. This is as a result of the fact that polyurethane is made using chemicals that are referred to as carcinogens.

Some of the other toxic chemicals that are in the conventional mattresses include PBDEs, boric acid and tris. These are commonly used on furniture and mattresses to retard any flames. The good thing with organic products is that they do not contain these harsh chemicals. If you are looking forward to a home that is more eco-friendly, you could be having questions about these products. Here are some of the FAQs on the organic cotton sheets.

Why is it necessary to buy organic cotton sheets?

Organic cotton is usually grown and harvested in the right environment. This makes the beddings that are made with the products to be quite comfortable. When you choose to purchase the organic products, this can end up decreasing the agrochemical use. The products that are made from organic chemicals are also better for your health. This is because the conventional beddings usually contain some residue chemicals that can cause some irritations. There are also users who say that organic beddings feel better.

Does organic products require extra care?
There is no special care that organic cotton products require as compared to your traditional laundry. You can wash the products using the washing machine and in warm water like it is the case with other types of beddings.

What are the cons’ of the non-organic beddings?

The main disadvantage of the non-organic products is that they come with residual chemicals during their production. If you have allergies or a sensitive skin, this will cause your skin to get irritated. This is due to the fact that the chemicals will remain in the bedding and can even cause an adverse effect on your respiratory and nervous system. Some of the side effects that you are likely to suffer as a result of using the chemicals include headaches, difficulty sleeping, dizziness and poor memory.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Why Choose Organic Cotton King Sheets?

After working all day long, you need proper rest and sleep. But, if the bed sheets on which you are lying are not cozy and comfortable; you keep on and tossing and turning all night long. Not getting a proper night of sleep will affect your day to day life. If you don’t take a proper night of sleep, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work and hence you may face several other problems. So, instead of using non-organic sheets, you can use organic cotton king sheets. SOL sheets are very soft, smooth & comfortable.

SOL sheets are really soft and more durable than regular sheets. It ensures you a good night's sleep. These sheets are made from long staple organic cotton and they are available in different colors which look very luxurious. The colors they come in are pure white, timeless ivory and comforting blue colors. There are many who buy cartoon print or some other print bed sheets. But if you want luxury organic cotton sheets, then the colors SOL has available are the best to choose from.

There are various companies and stores from where you can get these organic linen sheets, you just need to search the one that suits your needs. SOL is one of the renowned company in India who offer organic bed sheets at reasonable prices. Sachin and Vishal are the founders of the company who have deep respect for the planet and the environment. We provide king, queen and full size bed sheets. In the manufacturing of these sheets we use rain fed irrigation & Eco friendly, low impact water based dyes. SOL Organics has been in the sustainable fibers business for the last 5 year. All our bed sheets are bio-degradable & recyclable. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Should you consider thread count in Luxury organic cotton bed sheets?

Unlike what many people believe, thread count is not an indication that you are buying the best quality of organic cotton king size sheets. The thread count refers to the number of yarns that are in each square meter. This is a falsified way of determining the quality of your organic cotton sheets queen size. In the same way where we attach names such as organic or low-fat food, retailers of linen usually use this in showing that their products are of the highest quality. This started in the 1990s and by early 2000s; this had gotten to some new levels. However, there are experts who suggest that the thread count is just promotional and it does not represent quality at all. However, we cannot deny that many customers have bought the idea and seem stuck with it.

What options are there?
Rather than relying on the thread count alone when we are buying that excellent sheet, there are other factors that we will need to consider. These include:
  • Fiber. This is one of the materials that are used in making cotton sheets and it would be a good idea to select a fiber that is longer. This is because longer fibers are usually ideal as when spinning the yarn, it will provide you with strength and thus there will be less piling. The best type of cotton is Egyptian cotton and this usually has longer fiber. This is what is used in making organic cotton sheets queen size. Some of the other good qualities fibers that you need to look for are supima and pima, cotton polyster and bamboo.
  • Weave. The weave affects how the sheets feel, how it looks, and the period of time that it is able to last. This also affects the price of the sheet. While there are different kinds of weaves, the percale weave is usually the most prominent. Not only is it balanced but it also comes with a cooler and crisper weave. Another great option is the Sateen weave as this usually has a softer feel and is a bit warmer as compared to percale.
  • Don’t be cheated by number. Even where a sheet has a high thread count, it is possible that this number was inflated. This is usually done during the process of making the sheet to use a low-quality thread or construction.

The general rule of thumb is that you should buy a thread count that is above 200. Anything that is above 800 wouldn’t matter.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Features of Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets

Organic cotton flannel sheets have become more prominent today. They are warm and grant you the comfort you desire. They have many attractive features some of them include:

Cotton made sheets

These sheets are made of 100% cotton. This makes them to be sought after by everyone who wishes to make their bedroom attractive. This kind of cotton is easy to clean becomes it is good in absorbing water. It is also long lasting and therefore once you have acquired one for yourself then that's all. It will serve you for a long period of time because this kind of fiber does not get torn easily.

Cotton will also give you the comfort you have always desired when sleeping because it is able to absorb moisture if you are that kind of person who sweats a lot at night.

Thread count

This is a measure of the coarseness or fineness of the sheets. It is determined by the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric. Flannel sheets are soft and fine in texture because they have many threads per square inch of the fabric. This ensures your comfort when resting.

Weaving pattern

The weaving pattern is what gives the design of the sheet. Most of the organic cotton flannel sheets have a plain weave pattern. This makes these sheets, attractive and appealing to anyone. They are not made of complicated wave patterns that at times distort the entire outlook of a bed sheet.


The organic cotton sheets come in various sizes. Most common are king, queen and full size. These are the appropriate sizes for a standard size bed.

Size of Organic cotton bed sheets
All you need to know is the size of your bed so that you can order for the appropriate size that will fit your bed.


We all have different taste and preferences when it comes to colour. Organic cotton flannel bed sheets come in various attractive colours, which makes them to have a wide market. To make your bedroom attractive, you need to select the colours that compliment the general outlook of your bedroom.

To have a taste of these comfortable and luxurious organic cotton bed sheets, contact SOL today and learn more about them.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Tips To Help You To Get Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets

Comfortable and Peaceful Bed Sheets Of Organic Cotton
A comfortable and peaceful night is what we all looking for. This is especially important after a busy schedule during the day. Our bedding plays an essential role in ensuring that we have a comfortable night where we are able to rest and wake up when we are rejuvenated ready to face the new day. Bed sheets have a special role to play in our bedding. They add the warmth that every one of us desires all the time. Therefore, acquiring the bedding sheets those are best is an important step in ensuring that we have a restful night. Some tips are given below that can help you to get luxury organic cotton sheets:

Online buying

With the widespread usage of the internet in the business world, buying and selling of bed sheets has not lagged behind. There are many individuals online who are engaging in this kind of business. All you need is to browse to their official website and you will have a wide variety of these items.

The advantage of online shopping is that it is convenient because you can do it right away at your home and your bed sheets will delivered to you. However, you should be very careful to order the right type of bed sheets so that you can get exactly what you desire.

Shopping malls

There are shopping stores all over those are selling best organic cotton sheet sets. All you need is to walk into them and buy the item of your choice. This is the best way of shopping for those of us who have time to walk into shopping stalls.

Organic Cotton Sheets Online
The advantage of this kind of shopping is that you get to see the items you want to buy physically and also you can bargain the price and therefore acquire them at a relatively lower price than its intended price. The disadvantage of this is that one have to set some time to walk into the stalls which can be time consuming.


Supermarkets that deal in selling of beddings can be another important source of luxurious organic cotton sheets. Most of the supermarkets sell original items and therefore the chances of getting the best items of high quality are very high.

Bed Sheets At Supermarkets

Just like shopping malls, you can also have a physical taste of what you are just about to buy. However, supermarkets are always expensive and therefore you should consider your economic stand before walking into them.

Things given below that can help you to avoid buying unworthy bed sheets:

Unrealistic advertising language

Avoid shopping where the advertising language is unrealistic for instance buy one and get one free. Such a luring language will make one to rush into buying such bed sheets, but at times they are not of good quality.

Unrealistic advertising For Bed Sheets

This is a language that is most of the time meant to attract customers. Therefore be very careful with such flank statements.

High quality bed sheets

It is true that cheap things are expensive. Be on the lookout for sheets that are sold too cheaply. This is because the quality of these items, most of the time is compromised. Most of the time cheap bed sheets are not long lasting and will wear off after a short while.

High quality bed sheets Of Organic Cotton
So go for high quality even if they are expensive because they will serve you for a while. This will help you save your cash so that you not need to buy the bedding again and again. For more guidelines, contact SOL today, they will surely help you out.